Press Release: Big Pharma's Addicted to Opioid Profits


For Immediate Release

March 30th, 2017

"We must attack the cause of the [drug] epidemic. We live in a drug culture that promotes the use of painkillers, opioids, and heroin because there’s money in it."

 "We all read the news and hear the stories of neighbors in our communities who are suffering or have died from opiate overdoses. The anguish strikes people of all backgrounds and ages: teenagers, parents, and seniors are at risk. The attention the opiate epidemic receives is laudable. The money we’ve spent on drug-abuse education and treatment is far from inconsequential, but unfortunately, it avoids the cause. We are masking symptoms instead of curing the underlying sickness," said Mark Zinna, candidate for New Jersey Governor.

Pharmaceutical companies market their addictive opioids directly to our children and families. This needs to stop. They spend millions on Super Bowl ads because the marketing buoys their bottom lines. We buy what is advertised; what we are told will make life that much easier. Drugs that kill people should not be marketed on television.

Pharmaceutical companies like Pernix Therapeutics and Purdue Pharma launch false advertising campaigns at us. Their addictive drugs, we are told, will grant us pain-free lives. Then, companies like AstraZeneca, Indivior, and Braeburn Pharmaceuticals produce new drugs to treat symptoms of opiate-use. “Does OxyContin make you sleepy? Here take an amphetamine. Oh, the amphetamine makes it hard to sleep? Take Lunesta. Opioid-use makes you constipated? Have you tried Monvantik?”

The unchecked drug peddling of Big Pharma not only corrupts our trust in doctors, but it also is culpable for the widespread drug abuse we see across New Jersey. They prey on the sick and those in pain because when we take a bump, their stock prices soar.

Our drug culture will not get any better until we ban direct advertising to our families. Unless one has a background in pharmacology, how could one possibly understand which drugs are suitable in a given situation?

Do not buy into the lies that argue in favor of drug pushing. More drugs are not the answer.

Help us save lives and fight for you—not the drug lobby. If you would like to discuss your view on this topic, call us at (201) 851-1970.

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