Corrupt New Jersey Party Bosses Lock Out Progressive Candidates

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March 24th, 2017

Corrupt New Jersey Party Bosses Lock Out Progressive Candidates

Somerset, NJ- "Time and again, the corrupt political establishment of New Jersey has displayed a complete and total disregard for openness, transparency, and representative democracy," said Mark Zinna, candidate for New Jersey Governor. "Here we go again, repeating the same mistakes of 2016. What type of deals were made to anoint a Goldman Sachs millionaire as the Democratic candidate? We need to be better as a party. We need to learn from the past. We need to nominate candidates who truly understand the problems facing the people of New Jersey. Instead, the establishment cuts back-room deals that only enrich themselves." 

Multiple Democratic candidates for New Jersey Governor have been frozen out of the nominating process altogether. Somerset is not alone in its disregard for democratic processes. New Jersey must stand up and demand change from the democratic establishment.

It’s been Mark Zinna’s priority to participate in every Democratic County Convention. His campaign manager reached out to Somerset leadership about its March 23rd convention. Somerset leadership evaded requests for information. When the Zinna campaign’s political director reached out to Committee Chairs with contact information published on the County website, the County Chair Peg Schaffer finally came out of the woodwork but only to warn the campaign not to reach out to elected Democratic Committee members. Party bosses would not speak to Mr. Zinna or remove their decree against speaking to committee members. Mark looks forward to getting to know Somerset Democrats at the April candidate's forum.

This is not just a Somerset problem. It is an epidemic infecting New Jersey politics.

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