Pilgrim Pipeline

Our state should not greenlight more fossil fuel projects. Period.

We should have a moratorium on new pipelines: That means no reroutes for proposed pipelines and no easements for new pipelines from here on out. Any politician who is "against" pipelines yet "for" reroutes will put us at risk. Any politician "for" renewable energy but not "against" pipeline expansion is part of the problem. Either they do not understand how dangerous pipelines are, or they are in Big Oil's pocket. 

The Pilgrim Pipeline would sully the pristine New Jersey Highlands and put the drinking water of 4.5 million New Jerseyans at risk. People as far away as Newark drink water that is sourced in the Highlands. While visiting the Highlands to learn more about the Pilgrim Pipeline, I saw an amazing diversity of life, including a soaring bald eagle. The Highlands should be defended not abused.

The economic benefit from building the Pilgrim pipeline is virtually nonexistent regardless of what the Koch alumni at Ares Management tell us. It will create virtually no jobs, and the oil won't even be used in New Jersey. It'll be piped back to Albany.

The crude oil that derives from the North Dakotan Bakken shale is some of the most explosive oil in the world, and yet this company tells us that pipelines are safe. 

The Pilgrim Pipeline is slated to go through the Ramapough Mountain Indians' land. In unity with the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota, the Ramapough founded the Split Rock Sweetwater camp to protest the pipeline expansion. We cannot continue to exploit the vulnerable. 

So from a perspective of climate change, environmental justice, the ecosystem, economics, and human health the Pilgrim Pipeline fails to reach even the most measly standards.

I am proud to be against the Pilgrim Pipeline and all pipeline expansion. We don't need them; we'll do better without them.


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