Political Reform

Money in politics has become a corrupting influence and a barrier to the entry of new people and ideas. The solution is simple: level the playing field.

Corporations, special interest groups and political action committees aren’t people and shouldn’t be able to spend money on elections.  Only actual people who can vote ought to contribute to political campaigns.

We have term-limits for Governor in New Jersey. We should also set term limits on how many consecutive terms a legislator may serve.

The consolidation and sharing of resources among New Jersey’s more than 500 municipalities should be strongly encouraged. This will reduce the costs of services and provide relief for our residents who are presently over-burdened with the highest property taxes in the nation.  

We need to increase transparency in our election and nomination processes. We can't have a select few party bosses determining who gets to run for office - and we need to make sure everyone has a chance to have their voices heard!

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