Out on the trail, Mark gets asked a wide variety of thoughtful and valuable questions. Below you'll find a small selection of our favorites.

The Bear Hunt:

Question: Mr. Zinna, what is your opinion on the bear hunt?

Answer: I have a problem with the bear hunt, I don't think we should be killing apex predators for sport. It's destructive to the ecosystem and the environment

Garden State Bee Hives:

Question: I work a lot with bee hives. How are you going to change the way bills are written by lobbyists instead of local government officials? There are many restrictions on bee hives that do not make sense on an everyday basis.

Answer: First off, I believe ‘Citizens United’ should be overturned. We need to have a political system that agrees on a fundamental tenet of democracy: One person has one vote, and should be able to make one, limited, contribution to political campaigns.
Secondly my administration will reduce red tape across a variety of industries. For bee hives this could mean the removal of article 4:6-10, requiring a specific bee hive frame. 

 Our Vaccinations:

Question: Mr Zinna, do you believe in every family's right to choose on vaccinations?

Answer: I strongly believe in vaccinating everyone. There may be real side effects from vaccinations, current research is at best inconclusive, but the simple fact is that if we do not treat the whole population people will get ill, and in the worst cases die. In my own family, we have to go no farther back than the early 20th century when three of my grandfather's siblings perished from childhood diseases that could have been prevented.

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  • commented 2017-06-06 08:04:43 -0400
    Why would a baby, moments after birth, need Hep-B vaccine when it is a sexually transmitted disease? A baby’s liver and biological system is not able to readily get rid of Aluminum adjuvants. I am still voting for you believing that you are open-minded enough to see more and more recent evidence of doctors who do not encourage early vaccination are seeing a decrease in autism rates. “The Vaccine Friendly Plan”
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