We must finish what we start, cut through the red tape and get the job done. The “Access to the Region's Core” (ARC) Hudson River Tunnel will be completed--built, as it should have been, from the start.  We must also finally build a new Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street.  

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has failed its employees and the people.  It needs to be dismantled and refocused on its original core mission of building and maintaining bridges, tunnels and terminals.  

The New York airports should be managed by New York State. New Jersey airports should be managed by New Jersey.  The commercial real estate owned by the Port Authority should be divested and sold off to private interests.  

New Jerseyans have the longest and most expensive commute in the country. A direct link to the New York City MTA will be built across the George Washington Bridge. This will ease traffic congestion and help preserve the environment of the Garden State.

We will promote the use of electric cars and build more charging-stations along the entire network of highways throughout New Jersey.

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